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Christmas opening hours

The centre will be closing for the Christmas holidays at 5.00pm on Friday 22 December, and many pharmacies will also be operating on reduced hours, so prescriptions could be subject to delays of a week…

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Video: Getting to Grips With Migraine

We’re delighted to be able to share with you a video of one of their Getting to Grips with Migraine events, giving you the  opportunity to hear from Dr Munro, author of ‘Managing Your Migraine’…

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Headache heroes go the distance

A huge thank you to Stephen Lacey and Jonathan Long for not only completing the marathon in such impressive times, but also for raising awareness and vital funds to help those living with migraine. Stephen,…

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Six surprising facts about migraine

Most people who are lucky enough not to be personally affected by migraine may think of an attack as being nothing more than a bad headache. But migraine is a complex and disabling condition that…


Survey: migraine and quality of life

The results of our latest patient survey (952 people who are affected by migraine or other primary headaches) illustrates the terrible impact that headache can have when it’s not properly controlled. 74 per cent of…

Heads up podcast

Heads Up is back!

In the first episode, our host, leading heading specialist and National Migraine Centre GP Dr Katy Munro discusses how to manage the symptoms of brain fog with Dr Sabina Brennan, health psychologist, neuroscientist, author and…


Making Migraine Manageable: Q&A

Don’t miss this migraine Q&A from two of the country’s leading GP headache specialists. Dr Katy Munro of the National Migraine Centre and Dr David Kernick of the Exeter Headache Clinic last month co-hosted a…

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