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Every week, as many as 4.4 per cent of patients visiting their GP present with headache1.

It’s a burden on GPs and, with many reporting they lack the training and knowledge to confidently diagnose and treat primary headache, referrals to secondary care are unnecessarily high.

As a result, demand for secondary care headache clinics is overwhelming and many patients face long waits – if they can see a specialist at all.

The National Migraine Centre provides bespoke training courses, tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. Our expert headache specialists bring years of experience working with professionals to improve the treatment of migraine.

Our courses are designed around your needs and can cover:

  • Understanding the different types of headache and how to confidently diagnose each
  • Helping patients to manage triggers and reduce the impact of headache
  • Migraine and women’s health: advice on menopause and contraception
  • The latest on treatment options for primary headache types, including anti-CGRP injections and procedures
  • Supporting referral management
  • Identifying red flags – and when further exploratory tests are needed
  • Developing management pathways

Our expert headache specialists have years of experience both as leading practising clinicians and renowned trainers, with expertise delivering CPD and GP registrar training sessions in a range of healthcare settings.

We can be commissioned to deliver training by healthcare bodies including:

  • Integrated Care Systems and Health Boards
  • Primary care training hubs
  • Hospital headache clinics
  • Individual GP surgeries and private clinics

To find out more about our headache masterclasses, get in touch below. Include your name and contact details, and we’ll be in touch to discuss designing a bespoke programme to meet your needs.

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1. Latinovic R, Gulliford M, Ridsdale L (2006) Headache and migraine in primary care: consultation, prescription and referral rates in a large population. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 77 (3):385–387

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