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Donation-based appointments:

  • Routine consultation – see a trained headache specialist – you’ll be invited to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of your appointment

Fixed fee appointments:

  • Private consultation – be seen quickly and conveniently by a consultant neurologist or leading headache specialist doctor without having to leave home!
  • Anti-CGRP appointment – speak to an expert clinician about accessing the various anti-CGRP medications (tablets, injectables or drips)
  • Procedures – secure your place for a consultation for nerve blocks or other injection clinic procedures

We make no profit. Our income is used to improve headache treatment. Find out more about fees on our Funding your appointment page. Appointments subject to our Terms of Booking. Those aged under 16 must complete this form with a parent or guardian. Clicking Send provides consent for the National Migraine Centre and its agents to store and process your information for the purposes of providing you with information on requesting an appointment and accessing our services. We offer consultations to discuss treatments. A consultation may not lead to a prescription or procedure if your clinician decides it is unsuitable or you withdraw consent. If a procedure is cancelled in such circumstances, you will be reimbursed the fee, less the consultation charge.

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Why book an appointment with us

The National Migraine Centre brings together many of the country’s leading GP headache specialists, along with consultant neurologists and headache specialist nurses, to provide you with expert, professional and caring treatment.

With videolink technology, you could see a headache expert without leaving home, wherever you are in the UK.

For over 40 years, we have built a reputation for guaranteeing the highest standards of care, always putting patients first.

You can also access a range of treatment options, including anti-CGRPs, nerve blocks and injection clinics.

Unlike private clinics, we make no profit. We exist only because we believe everyone affected by headache deserves access to effective treatment.

We receive no NHS or government funding. Our charity is funded instead by your fees and donations.

Some appointments, such as procedures and private consultations, are provided at a fixed cost. Routine consultations are also available, with patients invited to make a donation to cover the cost of their treatment – please be aware of this before proceeding.

The National Migraine Centre has helped so many people who had given up hope of finding really effective care. Book an appointment today and work with expert headache specialists to develop your personal headache treatment plan.

Founded in 1980 as a London migraine clinic and specialist headache charity, today we provide people from across the whole of the UK with access to appointments with leading headache doctors and top consultant neurologists from their own homes, thanks to video and phone consultations.

Beat the misery of migraine and get back to living.

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Remote consultations, procedures, anti-CGRPs and urgent private appointments – find out more about how we can help you get back to living.

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Whether you’re accessing remote consultations or procedure clinics, learn more about our fees and how to fund your appointment.

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