Compliments and complaints

Committed to quality

We’re committed to making sure our services are always of the highest quality. So we love to hear when we get things right – and when we don’t.

Perhaps we’ve helped you and you’re seeing an improvement in your headaches. It could be that you were blown away by a clinician who really took the time to understand and get you the right help. Or maybe our admin team went the extra mile.

Whatever it may be, we love to share your compliments with the team!

We’re a small charity dedicated to helping patients. If you have ideas about how we could improve our clinic, or you had issues you’d like to make us aware of, we definitely want to know – we’re committed to investigating, learning and changing.

If you have a compliment or suggestion, or you want to tell us about a concern you have, send us your thoughts here:

Send us feedback

We are also keen to listen to the views of other people such as friends, relatives, other representatives and statutory authorities.

As a patient of the National Migraine Centre, you have the right to:

  • complain about the quality or nature of the service you receive
  • challenge decisions that you don’t agree with
  • be supported and represented by someone of your choice, at any stage, when making a complaint
  • know that your complaint will be dealt with, sensitively and confidentially
  • ask that someone else carries out the investigation, other than the nominated person

If possible, we will address your complaint for you straight away. But if we can’t:

Stage one – we will investigate the complaint and let you know the outcome.

Stage two – if you are not happy with the result of stage one, you have 21 days to escalate your complaint to the second stage, when it will be forwarded to the chair of our trustees to oversee a further investigation.

You can ask a representative to support you, or to speak on your behalf, at any stage of the procedure.

We will always investigate anonymous complaints, but they are usually much harder to deal with thoroughly and resolve satisfactorily. If you give your name, we will respect your confidentiality. Only those who need to know about your complaint will be told.

Having exhausted our internal complaints procedure, if you remain dissatisfied the case can be referred to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, which specialises in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

You may also wish to choose to contact an independent body. Please let us know and we can share useful contact details for you, which may vary depending on where you are based and the nature of your complaint.

If you would like to give us feedback, positive or negative, click the feedback button above. If you wish to lodge a formal complaint, send an email with the subject ‘Formal complaint’ to

The following documents are available from the National Migraine Centre on request:

  • Complaints Policy
  • Serious Incidents & Significant Events Policy