Migraine is horrible!


Migraine is the 2nd highest cause of years lived with disability worldwide and highest among those aged 15-49*


Headache disorders, predominantly migraine costs the UK economy 86 million lost days and about £10bn annually. On a human level this equates to an enormous amount of pain and misery.

We are a well established, nationally renowned migraine charity and our headache specialist doctors have treated tens of thousands of patients from almost every profession and walk of life. At our centre we regularly interact with our patients and have now a good understanding of the difficulties our patients face at work and the negative consequences for them and their employers when things spiral out of control.

Recently, we conducted a survey to identify how migraine affected people in the workplace.  The results were shocking.

We have therefore developed a package of interventions to improve staff well-being. Our Corporate Well Being Programme is designed to help employers help their staff mitigate migraine. The program is a combination of

migraine education
migraine driven occupational health
clinical support

Recognising that no two organisations are the same this is not a one-size-fits-all programme. We work with our partners to develop bespoke packages for maximum impact.

Senior management, line managers and supervisors all have critical roles in tackling this problem. We are not suggesting employers become migraine experts but we are encouraging improved understanding of invisible conditions – that may become disabilities.

Although there is no ‘cure’ there are management strategies that can help most people. These range from simple lifestyle changes to the use of a range of prophylactics, or preventative drugs.  Most medical professionals and/or employers find The challenge is that migraine (and other primary headaches) are not well understood either by the medical profession or most employers.

Find out more about our available packages here or call us on  020 7251 7805.

*Global Burden of Disease Study 2016


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