Employee wellbeing packages

43 million workdays are lost to headache in the UK every year: our employee wellbeing packages support happy, healthy and productive teams

The National Migraine Centre delivered an excellent event to HSBC colleagues. It was hugely informative and relatable and addressed the concerns of employees across the globe. I would recommend the NMC to other organisations looking to provide support to employees who live with migraine.

Kelly Rhodes, Health and Wellbeing Programme Manager

Migraine results in 5.7 sickness days each year for every employee – and our research shows that as many as 97 per cent of those affected will also try to work on through the discomfort.

Yet with access to headache specialists, self-care information and an evidence-based treatment plan, migraine can be controlled.

Many employers are keen to do what they can to support their employees, lessening the impact of headache, minimising the disruption of uncontrolled attacks, reducing absenteeism and creating a healthier work environment. But standard employee support packages rarely provide access to expert headache specialists.

We work with businesses to develop bespoke employee wellbeing packages designed to deliver life-changing support for the individual and productivity-boosting results for organisations.

Depending on the size of your team, your budget and your goals, we can create a programme that includes one or more of:

  • Clinical support, providing pre-paid access to leading headache specialists and proven treatment options for your staff
  • Self-care information, including talks, webinars and resources
  • Close cooperation with your occupational health (OH) or human resources (HR) teams in designing appropriate solutions and identifying those staff likely to benefit most
  • Support for managers, OH professionals and HR teams in managing migraine and helping employees to minimise its impact

We don’t work to fixed costs but partner with employers, large and small, to design bespoke packages to fit your budgets.

Migraine is the biggest cause of disability in those aged 15 to 49: an investment in our expert-led employee wellbeing programme can help you substantially reduce productivity lost to absence and in-work sickness.

Get in touch today at admin@nationalmigrainecentre.org.uk and find out how we can support your team.

Migraine and work

Migraine is the biggest cause of years lived with disability among those aged 15 to 49, hurting career progression, impacting businesses and damaging the wider economy.

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