Tackling chronic migraine

Posted 5 February 2024

Uncontrolled migraine can be a disabling condition, affecting all aspects of life. For those affected by chronic migraine – at least 15 headache days a month of which eight or more have migraine features – the impact can be devastating.

Headache specialist Dr Michael Long

The National Migraine Centre's Education Fellow, Dr Michael Long

For most people, migraine begins as episodic – but for an unlucky minority, it can develop into chronic migraine, with headaches on 15 or more days every month.

Surveys with our patients show that chronic migraine can have a devastating impact on social and family lives.

Many of those with chronic migraine leave work or choose to take less responsible or more flexible roles that may better accommodate their condition, often with an impact on their income. Over half of those we surveyed felt their employer was not supportive of their condition.

Yet revolutionary new anti-CGRP treatment options, available through the National Migraine Centre, are helping many to fulfil their potential and live life to the full.

We’re out to improve outcomes for those with chronic migraine. So, our very own Dr Michael Long spoke to Yahoo! about chronic migraine, debunking some myths and introducing some of the various treatment options that are now available.

Read the full Yahoo! article here.



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