Chronic pain study

Posted 15 February 2024

Are you – or do you know – a young person aged 14 to 18 affected by chronic pain? The National Migraine Centre is supporting new work that will help understand the perspectives and experiences of young people affected by ongoing pain.

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The new study aims to understand how adolescents cope with chronic pain

Do you have useful experiences to share that will help inform the study and, ultimately, improve our understanding of teenage coping strategies?

The work, undertaken by a researcher at the University of Guelph, aims to identify what situational or personal (such as gender and cultural) factors influence how young people deal with challenges related to living with chronic pain.

There are two studies: a questionnaire study and an interview study. If you’re aged between 14 and 18, we would be so grateful if you would consider participating in one or both studies.


This study consists of an online questionnaire that takes about 20 minutes to complete and involves reading stories depicting common challenges faced by adolescents with chronic pain and responding to questions about how you would cope in these situations.

You will also be asked to respond to demographic questions and questions about your pain condition.

Responses are anonymous and you can withdraw from the survey at any point.

Click here to complete the questionnaire now.

If you have any questions, you can email Natisha at


This study takes a little longer (around an hour) and involves participating in an online questionnaire and an interview via Zoom.

The online questionnaire will involve demographic questions and questions about your pain condition.

The interview will involve questions about your understanding of the word ‘coping’, experiences coping with chronic pain, and perspectives on how sociocultural factors (such as gender, culture, socioeconomic status) influence coping and should be considered by healthcare providers.

Click here to learn more or take part.

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