Join the headache heroes

A unique and precious lifeline I’m Dr Katy Munro, senior headache specialist. When I was diagnosed, I felt so alone. And then I discovered the National Migraine Centre. Now, I’m pleased to be able to…

Woman with headache in front of Christmas tree

Please protect the future of migraine care

Can you give one more gift this year? Along with the other headache specialists, I hope I have been able to make a difference to your life. Now, I am writing to ask if you…


Make a lasting impact: Remember A Charity Week 2023

Migraine is so often forgotten and few understand the terrible impact it can have on people’s lives. Perhaps you do – and perhaps we’ve been able to help you. I’m writing today to ask if…

Teenager with headache

Please protect our charity

Please protect our charity. I know this isn’t the first time I have appealed for help. But our clinic raises less money than it costs to run – so each Christmas we must turn to…

Mature lady in a dark room

Appeal: change a life today

Perhaps you know yourself how migraine can ruin a life – and perhaps you also know how, with the right care, our expert headache specialists can make life worth living again. We can’t help everyone…

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