Make a lasting impact: Remember A Charity Week 2023

Posted 13 September 2023

This week is Remember A Charity Week, a time when we think about the legacy we leave behind and how we can continue to shape the lives of countless people in need, even after we’re gone.

Would you consider leaving a gift that will shape the lives of countless individuals?

Migraine is so often forgotten and few understand the terrible impact it can have on people’s lives. Perhaps you do – and perhaps we’ve been able to help you.

I’m writing today to ask if you will consider doing something extraordinary and leave a gift in your Will that could help guarantee the work of the National Migraine Centre for years to come.

Learn more about leaving a gift in your Will 

For a small charity with great impact like ours, your gift will go a very long way and we will be forever grateful.

Please, would you consider leaving a gift that will shape the lives of countless individuals – a gift that transcends time and leaves a profound mark on the world?

My name is Charlotte, and I’d be very happy to discuss with you how you can make your gift and how I can support you through the simple process.

You may wish to give a set amount, or you may prefer to leave whatever is left after you have allowed for family, friends and other expenses. Whatever you prefer, your gift will be so valuable in keeping our small but vital centre running in the years to come.

Click here to drop me an email, or call now on 020 7251 7806.

Please, act today to make a difference tomorrow. A call or email won’t be a commitment, but I’d be happy to discuss with you how you could take advantage of our completely free service, provided by All Wills are checked by a fully qualified solicitor, with a helpline available for you to call if you have questions – it’s generally a very straightforward process.

Learn more about leaving a gift in your Will 

Migraine affects millions of lives, causing pain, disruption, and a sense of helplessness. Imagine being part of a solution that offers relief, support, and hope to those battling this debilitating condition. By remembering the National Migraine Centre in your Will, you have the power to transform futures and contribute to a world where migraine no longer dictates the lives of so many.

By leaving a gift to the National Migraine Centre, you’re leaving behind a legacy of compassion and care, a testament to your commitment to helping others even beyond your lifetime.

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