Woman in hospital bed hugging her child

Migraine Voices: Rebecca’s story

“I have two children at home and I hate nothing more than them seeing me lying there in a hospital bed.” I’m Rebecca and this is my migraine journey. I remember having migraines when I…

Young woman taking a selfie

Migraine Voices: Alice’s story

“My message to all fellow migraine sufferers is don’t stop trying, try to raise awareness, and stay positive!” I’m Alice and I have had migraines since the age of 11. For the past few years,…

Woman with her dog

Migraine Voices: Samantha’s story

“Anti-CGRP medication got me back to just one attack a fortnight.” I’m Samantha, I’m 32 and I’ve had migraine since I was 13. Until two years ago I had migraine with visual aura, but now…

Woman in blue wearing a fascinator

Migraine Voices: Ellena’s story

“I felt like a burden to the world, I could hardly get out of bed most days.” I’m Ellena and I’ve had chronic migraine since I was 15. At first I was told it was…

Artwork with a portrait of a woman, illustrating a migraine attack

Migraine Voices: Barbara’s story

“Painting and drawing is the only thing which distracts me from the pain of a mild to mid migraine attack. It’s the ideal balance of relaxation and concentration for me.” My name is Barbara and…


Migraine Voices: Amy’s story

“I am hoping it will improve and I can live a life where I don’t always have to cancel plans…” I’m Amy and this is my migraine story. I’ve had chronic migraine for 12 years….

Dr Katy Munro, a headache doctor at the National Migraine Centre, smiling

IWD 2023: an exclusive chat with Dr Katy Munro

Today (8 March 2023) is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Katy Munro is a senior doctor at the National Migraine Centre and an expert…

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