Migraine Voices: Samantha’s story

Posted 28 September 2023

It’s Migraine Awareness Week and we’re marking the occasion with #migrainevoices, a series of posts from those affected by migraine who are sharing with us their own migraine journeys.

Woman with her dog

Samantha, one of many benefitting from new anti-CGRP treatments

“Anti-CGRP medication got me back to just one attack a fortnight.”

I’m Samantha, I’m 32 and I’ve had migraine since I was 13.

Until two years ago I had migraine with visual aura, but now I almost exclusively get brainstem migraine. These leave me incredibly confused and my cognitive function really declines, as well as all the classic migraine symptoms.

I had a terrible flare up (an attack every other day) last winter, which really hit my quality of life. It was also a big factor in my decision to leave a job, and has delayed my plans to start a family.

But now the good news… Anti-CGRP medication got me back to just one attack a fortnight.

And with the changes in my lifestyle, jobs and family planning, my husband and I got a dog, who is very loved! And I find walking her is so beneficial on my recovery journey.

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