Please protect the future of migraine care

Posted 1 December 2023

An important message from Dr Katy Munro, senior GP headache specialist


As the economy falters, our small charity is facing a stark challenge.

Donations are so important to our funding – and our future. But, in challenging times, we have seen donations fall sharply.

Without funding from the NHS or the government, we must rely on the support of our patients. Can you please help give the National Migraine Centre a future?

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Woman with headache in front of Christmas tree

Without access to effective treatment, migraine can have a devastating impact on people's lives

Can you give one more gift this year?

Along with the other headache specialists, I hope I have been able to make a difference to your life.

Now, I am writing to ask if you can help us.

Each year, just before Christmas, I have appealed for help. That’s because we need the income we receive from our generous and dedicated patients to go on for another year.

But with donations collapsing this past year, we urgently need your support now.
Without the income we receive from patients, there really is no future for our clinic. And without the National Migraine Centre, who will support those affected by headache in the future?

Please, would you kindly consider just one more gift this year?

A generous donation could give our essential clinic a future and give hope to all of those affected by migraine, cluster headache and all primary headaches.

A kind gift today would help guarantee a bright future for migraine treatment in the UK.

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You’re already one of the few

So few people realise the importance of what we do – but I know you do. For so many, migraine can be dismissed as ‘just a headache’.

How wrong they are.

Without access to effective treatment, migraine can have a devastating impact on people’s lives. Those of us affected by migraine must come together to ensure we are taken seriously and that we get the treatment we deserve.

We need the National Migraine Centre.

Please, join with our other patients and make a donation today that will secure our future and change lives.

Do something extraordinary today: help guarantee the National Migraine Centre’s future.

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Thank you.


Dr Katy Munro

Senior Headache Specialist

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