Christmas opening hours

Posted 28 November 2023

Our clinic will be closing on Friday 22 December 2023 and will re-open on Tuesday 2 January 2024. Book your appointments early to avoid delays in your prescriptions!

Christmas tree with baubles and golden lights

Book early to avoid the Christmas delays!

The centre will be closing for the Christmas holidays at 1.00pm on Friday 22 December, and many pharmacies will also be operating on reduced hours, so prescriptions could be subject to delays of a week or more.

We recommend getting your prescription well before the Christmas break. Appointments before the holidays are in high demand, so book now to make sure you don’t run out of your medications!


Although we won’t be around to answer your queries, we will endeavour to respond in the first week of the new year to your emails.

Concerns or medication side effects

If you have any concerns about migraine or other headache conditions, or if you are worried about the treatments you are taking, please get in touch with your GP – for emergencies, always call 999 right away or visit your nearest Accident & Emergency department.

Information on migraine and headache

If you need general information, you can head over to the Understanding Migraine section where you will find five series’ of our award-winning Heads Up podcast, along with dozens of useful factsheets and resources, covering all aspects of migraine and headache.

Booking an appointment over Christmas

Want to book an appointment to see a headache specialist? There’s no need to wait until the new year to book. Whether you’re a new patient or you’ve seen us before, you can make your booking request right here on the website – we’ll be in touch with you to confirm a date just as soon as we can in the new year.

Prescriptions and medical reports

Please note that turnaround times for services will be a little longer due to the holidays. We aim to send medical reports within 15 working days of your appointment – normally, we work Monday to Friday each week, but please factor in that our office will be closed for an additional six days over the Christmas period. Similarly, prescriptions, which normally take up to around ten days, could also be delayed by a week or more as our clinic and the pharmacies may also be closed.


We hope we have been able to help you in 2023 and look forward to supporting you in 2024!

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