Video: Getting to Grips With Migraine

Posted 25 October 2023

This summer, the National Migraine Centre’s Dr Katy Munro was joined by fellow headache specialist Dr David Kernick for a series of events at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, aiming to shed a light on migraine and share strategies for living with the condition.

Image of Dr Katy Monro

Dr Katy Munro

We’re delighted to be able to share with you a video of one of their Getting to Grips with Migraine events, giving you the  opportunity to hear from Dr Munro, author of ‘Managing Your Migraine’ and host of the Heads Up podcast, along with Dr David Kernick, author of the Oxford University Press Manual of Headache and a headache specialist at the Exeter Headache Clinic.

If you missed the event in Edinburgh, here’s another chance to catch David and Katy as they discuss various aspects of migraine and the treatment options available.


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