How do I get anti-CGRP prescriptions?

Anti-CGRP treatments help many people with migraine – but they’re often very difficult to access through the NHS.

Book an appointment today and we can give you quick, easy access to speak with a trained GP headache specialist or headache specialist nurse who can discuss prescribing anti-CGRP medication. Headache specialists through the National Migraine Centre can discuss a range of anti-CGRP options, including injectable treatment (Ajovy, Aimovig and Emgality), tablets (Vydura) and infusions (drips) administered every 12 weeks (Vyepti).

Our appointments are remote (via a video call or, if you prefer, a telephone call), so you won’t even need to leave the house.

For your first appointment, you’ll also have a consultation prior to treatment, to understand your headache history and determine if anti-CGRPs are clinically appropriate for you.

Anti-CGRP medication is generally well tolerated but is not suitable for those aged under 18 or those who are pregnant (or planning on becoming pregnant). You must also let your headache specialist know if you have heart disease.

You can find out more about fees here or go ahead and book an appointment now here.

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