Can I get Botox treatments on the NHS?

The situation on access to Botox procedures for migraine will vary depending on where you are in the UK. Each nation regulates access to treatment differently.

These procedures are only available via specialist headache clinic or consultant neurologist.

Waiting lists for specialists can be very long indeed, and we hear from patients regularly about the difficulty in getting a referral at all or, when they have managed to do so, excessive waiting times of many months.

You are likely to be unable even to be considered for procedures until you can demonstrate that a range of other preventatives have been tried under supervision of a clinician, sometimes over the course of many months.

We believe all those who could benefit from these procedures deserve treatment on the NHS and we support advocacy to improve access for patients.

At the National Migraine Centre, we can provide you with quick and easy access to a clinician who is trained in Botox and GON block procedures.

You can book an appointment today here.

Information correct at the time of writing, but guidelines for procedures and waiting times are subject to change.

Note: information correct at the time of writing, but prescribing guidelines, waiting times and other information is subject to change. We may make changes to the information on the website at any time without notice. These procedures are only available in England and you may have to travel to your nearest clinic. If the clinic location we offer you is not convenient, you can cancel the booking request before payment is made. Nerve blocks only available to those aged 16 and older and Botox procedures are only available to those with chronic migraine aged 18 and older. We offer consultations to discuss treatments. A consultation may not lead to a prescription or procedure if your clinician decides it is unsuitable or you withdraw consent. If a procedure is cancelled in such circumstances, you will be reimbursed the fee, less the consultation charge.

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