Migraine and women’s health

Posted 17 September 2022

Why does migraine affect women more than men? And how does it link to hormones and periods?

Why migraine affects women

One in five women is affected by migraine

To mark Migraine Awareness Week, we’ve been working with the media to highlight the impact of migraine and the effective treatments now available.

We worked with Stylist magazine on an article that explores why women are more likely to be affected than men, and the links between migraine and periods.

“I spent years thinking it was stress or dehydration. I even had an MRI to see if I had clots on my brain, but since I started on oestrogen, I haven’t had a single headache.”

To find out more, check out the Women’s Health pages of our Factsheets & Resources section – and you can read the new Stylist article here.

If you’re struggling with migraine, book a consultation today so we can get you straight to an expert who can help.

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