Book: Managing Your Migraine

Posted 21 July 2022

Dr Katy Munro, senior GP headache specialist working with the National Migraine Centre, has a new book out as part of the Penguin Life Expert Series. Managing Your Migraine is a practical, go-to guide for understanding migraine, with tips and advice for adults and children.

The new book by Dr Katy Munro

‘A fantastic and much needed resource for all those suffering. Dr Katy Munro’s experience and knowledge through this book will help all those who read it’ 

Dr Rupy Aujla, The Doctor’s Kitchen

The new book gives expert advice on:

  • Understanding your migraine phases and triggers
  • The impact of food, exercise and sleep on migraine
  • Rescue plans for acute attacks
  • Migraine preventers
  • Migraine in children
  • Managing your mental health with migraine

Managing your Migraine is available to purchase on Amazon.  If you go through Amazon Smile then a donation can be made to the National Migraine Centre at no extra cost to you. Purchase Managing your Migraine here.

‘Dr Katy Munro is the single best migraine expert our family have ever met […] This book brings hope to every migraineur’ Miranda Sawyer, Guardian & Observer Journalist

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