Six surprising facts about migraine

Posted 1 February 2023

“If you’ve ever suffered a migraine attack, you’ll know how debilitating they can be, but people often don’t realise there’s so much more to a migraine attack than a splitting headache.”

Migraine is so much more than headache – check out our coverage in the latest issue of Stylist magazine for some  surprising facts.

Cola drink in a glass with a straw

A glass of cola - one of the more unexpected migraine treatment options

Most people who are lucky enough not to be personally affected by migraine may think of an attack as being nothing more than a bad headache. But migraine is a complex and disabling condition that is so much more than headache.

Many people who experience attacks don’t even have headache. Children, in particular, are often affected by abdominal migraine, which can result in a range of symptoms that can be misdiagnosed. It’s also possible to experience the visual and other sensory affects of the aura without head pain.

In the latest issue of Stylist magazine, the National Migraine Centre’s Dr Katy Munro discusses surprising migraine facts – and how having a can of full-sugar cola handy could help in treating your attacks.

Read more in Stylist here (external link).

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