Making Migraine Manageable: Q&A

Posted 16 November 2022

Manage your migraine with tips and advice from the experts

Dr Katy Munro, senior GP headache specialist at the National Migraine Centre

Don’t miss this migraine Q&A from two of the country’s leading GP headache specialists.

Dr Katy Munro of the National Migraine Centre and Dr David Kernick of the Exeter Headache Clinic last month co-hosted a free question and answer session, packed with top tips and practical advice to help make migraine manageable.

Missed it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Catch up with the full session and hear from two of the UK’s leading headache doctors.


Dr Katy Munro

Dr Katy Munro was a partner in a Hertfordshire NHS general practice for 24 years. She was the lead for mental health issues in the practice and had a special interest in chronic pain conditions and in bereavement.

She has had an interest in managing headaches for many years and originally attended the National Migraine Centre as a patient herself.

Dr Munro is now one of the senior GP headache specialists at the National Migraine Centre. She is keen to take a holistic approach and has a wide knowledge of therapies other than medication that can help headache.

She has written and contributed to articles for various newspapers and magazines, and for the Royal College of Nursing on headache-related topics. She is the Secretary of the British Association for the Study of Headache Council. 

Dr Munro is the host of the National Migraine Centre’s Heads Up podcast. She has also written a book as part of the Penguin Life Experts Series called Managing Your Migraine (available via Amazon here). She is available to give webinars or talks in the workplace or in GP surgeries.

Dr David Kernick

Dr David Kernick is one of the UK’s leading GPs with a special interest in headache, well known as a practitioner, researcher and author.  He has written a number of publications on headache, including the Oxford University Press Manual of Headache.  He was the Royal College of General Practitioners Headache Champion and is a past Chair of the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH). He is the current lead of the BASH Headache Specialist General Practitioner Group.

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