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Welcome to our expert range of trusted, free migraine information and advice from the National Migraine Centre, the UK’s migraine and headache treatment charity for over 40 years.

All our materials are produced with top headache doctors to help you take control of headache.

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Alongside our headache factsheets and resources, don’t miss the award-winning Heads-Up podcast, with friendly, expert tips and advice from leading headache doctors. There are so many episodes to catch up on, so go ahead and explore the back catalogue here.

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About the National Migraine Centre

The National Migraine Centre is the UK’s only charity dedicated to providing diagnosis and treatment for the one in seven people and up to one in ten children who suffer migraine and other primary headache. Since 1980, we have enabled those affected to access world-class consultant neurologists and GP headache specialists, helping many thousands of people who are unable to access effective treatment through either the NHS or private clinics.

Alongside our clinic, the charity empowers people to take control of their headaches and lead better lives by facilitating research, improving professional skills in the NHS and beyond, advocating for access to the most effective, evidence-based treatment for all those in need, and supporting better self-management through our patient education work.

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Expert factsheets, free resources and headache diaries: trusted information on all aspects of headache and migraine, produced by leading doctors.

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