Headache Diaries

The purpose of migraine diaries is to record information about the attacks of migraine and other headaches. This information is valuable in assisting the doctor with diagnosis, assessing migraine trigger factors and assessing the effectiveness of treatments.

We ask all our patients to complete diaries and bring them in for their first appointment. All patients are also asked to complete diaries following their first appointment. These will be assessed at the follow up visit.

We have two types of headache diaries: one monthly diary and one annual diary. Both diaries are very easy to use and you can download them along with full instructions by clicking below. You may need the program Adobe Acrobat to read the files.

Monthly Migraine Diary

This page-per month month diary allows space for recording details of migraine attacks and treatments used. We recommend that everyone commences a monthly attack diary and maintains it whilst their migraine and treatment are under review. To download a monthly diary please click here.

Annual Migraine Diary

This single sheet diary may be used as a summary of your migraines and headaches over the course of a year. It is particularly useful to record attacks here when you can copy the frequency from another source e.g. your calendar or personal diary. To download the annual migraine diary, please click here.

For women, it can also provide an overview of the relationship between menstrual cycles and migraine.