Managing your Migraine

Migraine is much more than ‘just a headache’, so why do we still know so little about this genetic, neurological brain disorder and its causes?


Headache Specialist and GP, Dr Katy Munro, has the answers you’re looking for.

















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Managing Your Migraine is the practical go-to guide for understanding migraine. Dr Munro will give you expert advice on:

  • Understanding your migraine phases and triggers.
  • The impact of food, exercise, and sleep on migraine
  • Rescue plans for acute attacks
  • Migraine preventers
  • Hormones and migraine
  • Migraine in children
  • Managing your mental health with migraine

If you’re a person with a migraine or know someone struggling, this book will provide helpful strategies for alleviating your symptoms and managing your migraine.

Drawing on her medical expertise, her own personal experience with migraine, and the stories of her patients, Dr Munro will empower you to get to know your own migraine and build an effective treatment plan that will help you live your life more fully.

Pre-order your copy of Managing your Migraine