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The doctors and staff at the National Migraine Centre have all been amazing. My migraines are much more manageable and I have been able to start living again.

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National Migraine Centre patient

Your work was a life saver for me, like a door to the world re-opening. I can’t express how thankful I am that my doctor introduced me to you.

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National Migraine Centre patient

The National Migraine Centre provided me with support at a time when I was desperate for help and my GPs were at a loss. The clinic treated my migraines so that they no longer dominated my life.

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National Migraine Centre patient

The National Migraine Centre gave me access to treatment that’s given me my life back. It’s a world leading centre in migraine care.

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National Migraine Centre patient

You helped me get my migraines under control when no one else could. I would have lost my job without your help and advice.

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National Migraine Centre patient

You all helped my six-year-old to know the signs, gave him his special medicine and the confidence to know how to self-manage his migraines.

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National Migraine Centre patient


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