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World Mental Health Day- Andrew’s Story

10 October 2018

I went to a different college than most of my secondary school friends. That’s when I started getting migraines. Joining a college was quite stressful and migraines made it worse. Simple things like trying to make new friends, socialising and/or just fitting in was almost impossible as I would be taking days off because of migraines. I never really fitted in, could never form good friendships, and all of that battered my confidence completely. This was a direct result of my migraine. Separating me from my peers and isolating me.

I started to feel anxious in a place where I should have been feeling safe. Was always isolated when I should have been like everyone else in a group. I honestly believe that migraines had a direct contribution towards my depression, which developed gradually. While I fully understand and acknowledge that migraine alone was not the overriding factor that lead to my depression, but it surely was a significant one.

This was many years ago. I am still on anti-depressants and still fighting to lead a normal life. I am studying medicine now and loving it.


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