The National Migraine Centre is an active research centre with specific interests in migraine and cluster headaches. New drug and non-drug treatments are tested at the Centre in clinical trials enabling patients to participate; we also compare established and newer treatments. All participation is voluntary – whether or not you choose to take part does not affect your care from the clinic in any way.

If you attend for a trial visit either as a new patient or as a follow-up patient we can refund your travel expenses. Donations to the Centre are always welcome, but are not expected if you are helping us with a study.

Taking part in our ethically approved clinical studies gives you the opportunity to try new treatments (often before they are available to the public) and furthers scientific research into migraine and headaches.

By virtue of the specific research undertaken at the Centre, we are able to offer our expertise in the management of migraine in women.

If you would like further information about our current clinical studies please contact the Centre:

Phone Enquiries: 020 7251 3322