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My Migraine Story by Jordan

09 August 2018

Migraines have been a part of my life since I was 4 years old. I would have to take days off school, cancel plans with my friends and my mum would have to put me to bed in a dark room with a flannel over my eyes. I would get very sick with them and they could last for days.

About 2 years ago my Migraines became worse, no medication’s from the doctors were working, the doctors would just say ‘its hereditary” as my Nan suffers from them. They cause me panic attacks, flashing lights, vomiting and lately collapsing with the pain and ending up in hospital because of being unconscious. They affect me for days on end, my social life, the ability to work, I feel like they are ruining my life. They make me depressed, I loose my memory when I get them and all I want to do is sleep.

People would often say to me “Its just a headache” I wouldn’t wish a migraine on my worse enemy. They usually begin with Aura which can be a variety of symptoms including zigzag lights, blind spots in the vision, numbness and tingling or speech problems. I am forced to withdraw from the world entirely until the pain loosens its grip. The pain is usually a severe, throbbing and pulsing pain.

After doing some research I found The National Migraine Centre in London. So I took a trip there and spoke to Dr Katy Munro who put together some strategies to reduce the frequency and impact of my migraines. The support there is amazing! I don’t feel so alone now I know so many other people are experiencing the same.

In May after collapsing again my works insurance said I could no longer do my job anymore because it wasn’t safe (beauty therapist) so that meant no longer doing the job I loved because of my migraines. I felt so alone, I felt like my doctors weren’t helping me and that no one believed a Migraine could really be this bad. My mental health began to go down hill.

Finally my doctor agreed to send me to a neurologist and they came up with a treatment plan, I feel better mentally, sleep better, less migraines and most of all have learnt ways to control my migraines and I’m fit to work back in the spa again!

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