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Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 210-451 Exam Name: Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals Version: DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1 Which option is one essential 210-250 dumps characteristic of Cloud computing? A. It must use virtualization. B. It must provide load balancing services. C. It must provide on-demand self service. D. It must run on open source software. Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 2 Which Cloud service model is appropriate 210-255 dumps for a physical data center move to the Cloud? A. Infrastructure as a Service B. Platform as a Service C. Compute as a Service D. Software as a Service Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 3 What is an invalid Cloud deployment model? A. distributed B. private C. community D. hybrid Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 4 Which two options are benefits of the Cisco 200-150 dumps InterCloud Solution? (Choose two.) A. enforces standardization on a single hypervisor product B. provides self service for hybrid resources C. management of heterogeneous SAN solutions D. secure connectivity between public and private Clouds Correct Answer: BD

QUESTION 5 Which option contains server hardware identifiers, firmware, state, configuration, and connectivity characteristics? A. pools B. policies C. service profiles D. resource groups Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 6 Which two technologies support 200-155 pdf running Linux and Windows virtual machines? (Choose two.) A. KVMB. LXD C. Docker D. Microsoft Hyper-V Correct Answer: AD

QUESTION 7 Which of the following best describes the order of operations of FCoE Initialization Protocol? A. VLAN Discovery, FCF Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery, FC Command B. VLAN Discovery, FCF Discovery, PLOGI Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery C. FCF Discovery, PLOGI Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery D. VLAN Discovery, FCF Discovery, FLOG I/F Discovery Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 8 Which option is an open and extensible southbound 300-160 dumps protocol that supplies policy directly to data center networks? A. OpFlex B. vPath C. VM-FEX D. OpenDaylight Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 9 Which two descriptions of VXLAN are true? (Choose two.) A. The VXLAN Identifier space is 24 bits. B. VXLAN uses the Internet Protocol as the transport medium. C. VXLAN adds 24 bytes of overhead to each packet. D. VXLAN is primarily designed for small environments. Correct Answer: AB

QUESTION 10 Which of the following is a feature that improves 300-165 dumps the performance of software applications that run on the Cisco UCS servers in a data center by bypassing the kernel when sending and receiving networking packets? A. A, vPath B. VM-FEX C. usNIC D. VMware PassThrough Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 11 What are two characteristics of a LUN? (Choose two.) A. A LUN must be fully comprised of one physical disk B. A LUN handles file system creation C. A LUN can be comprised of multiple physical disks D. A LUN is a unique identifierCorrect Answer: CD QUESTION 12 Refer to the command line display 300-170 dumps below: vsan database vsan 1000 name FCoE vlan 1000 fcoe vlan 1000 int e1/1 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk allowed vlan 1000 no shut int vfc10 bind interface e1/1 switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000 no shut On which line does the error occur that prevents FCoE from 300-175 dumps operating correctly in a Cisco Nexus switch? A. fcoe vlan 1000 B. switchport trunk allowed vsan 1000 C. int vfc10 D. bind interface e1/1 Correct Answer: A

Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 300-101 Exam Name: Implementing Cisco 70-734 dumps IP Routing (ROUTE v2.0) Version: DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1 Refer to the exhibit. The DHCP client is unable to receive a DHCP address 70-741 dumps from the DHCP server. Consider the following output: hostname RouterB ! interface fastethernet 0/0 ip address interface serial 0/0 ip address ! ip route Which configuration is required on the Router B fastethernet 0/0 port in order 70-742 dumps to allow the DHCP client to successfully receive an IP address from the DHCP server? A. RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address B. RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address C. RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address D. RouterB(config-if)# ip helper-address Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 2 Which option is invalid when configuring Unicast 70-743 dumps Reverse Path Forwarding? A. allow self ping to router B. allow default route C. allow based on ACL match D. source reachable via both Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 3 Which traffic characteristic is the reason that UDP traffic that carries 70-761 dumps voice and video is assigned to the queue only on a link that is at least 768 kbps? A. typically is not fragmented B. typically is fragmented C. causes windowing D. causes excessive delays for video trafficCorrect Answer: A

QUESTION 4 Refer to the following configuration 70-764 dumps command. router(config)# ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80 Which statement about the command is true? A. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP port address of is translated to B. Any packet that is received in the inside interface with a source IP port address of is translated to C. The router accepts only a TCP connection from port 8080 and port 80 on IP address D. Any packet that is received in the inside 70-767 dumps interface with a source IP address of is redirected to port 8080 or port 80. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 5 What type of IPv6 packet will indicate traffic from single host and single node? A. multicast B. unicast C. broadcast D. anycast Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 6 A network engineer receives reports about poor voice 70-765 dumps quality issues at a remote site. The network engineer does a packet capture and sees out-of-order packets being delivered. Which option can cause the VOIP quality to suffer? A. traffic over backup redundant links B. misconfigured voice vlan C. speed duplex link issues D. load balancing over redundant links Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 7 Which three IP SLA performance metrics 70-740 dumps can you use to monitor enterprise-class networks? (Choose three.) A. Packet loss B. Delay C. bandwidth D. Connectivity E. Reliability F. traps Correct Answer: ABD

QUESTION 8 What is the administrative distance for EBGP? A. 200 B. 30C. 70 D. 20 Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 9 A network engineer is configuring the router for 70-357 dumps NetFlow data exporting. What is required in order for NDE to begin exporting data? A. Source B. Flow mask C. Destination D. Interface type E. Traffic type F. NetFlow version Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 10 A network administrator creates a static route that points directly to a multi-access interface, instead of the next-hop IP address. The administrator notices that Cisco 70-773 dumps Express Forwarding ARP requests are being sent to all destinations. Which issue might this configuration create? A. Low bandwidth usage B. High memory usage C. Cisco Express Forwarding routing loop D. High bandwidth usage E. IP route interference Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 11 Your company uses Voice over IP (VoIP). The system sends UDP datagrams containing the voice data between communicating hosts. When areas of the network become busy, some of the datagrams arrive at their destination out of order. What happens when this occurs? A. UDP will send an ICMP Information request message to the source host. B. UDP will pass the information in the datagrams up 70-774 dumps to the next OSI layer in the order in which they arrive. C. UDP will drop the datagrams that arrive out of order. D. UDP will use the sequence numbers in the datagram headers to reassemble the data into the ... Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 12 Which three are characteristics of IPv6? (Choose three.) A. An IPv6 address is 128 bits long. B. An IPv6 header is 20 bits long. C. An IPv6 header contains the next header field. D. An IPv6 header contains 70-775 dumps the protocol field. E. IPv6 routers send RA messages. F. An IPv6 header contains the header checksum field. Correct Answer: ACE QUESTION 13Which statement is true about IPv6? A. Only one IPv6 address is assigned per node B. Only one IPv6 address can be assigned to each interface. C. Each host can autoconfigure its address without the aid of a DHCP server. D. IPv6 hosts use anycast addresses to assign IP addresses to interfaces Correct Answer: C

Mind Matters In Migraine

01 September 2019







London, 12 August, 2019: Migraines/ headache conditions may have a direct impact on a person’s mental health. 84% of migraine sufferers say that their migraines affect their mental health (compared to 25% of the UK population that experience a mental health problem). Migraine is a neurological disease, which is often not taken seriously and hugely under appreciated. These are some of the alarming findings from a new survey, carried out on 1,734 migraine and headache sufferers, by the National Migraine Centre, the only UK charity that treats migraine and headaches.

• 24% have experienced suicidal feelings or have self-harmed linked to their migraine/headache condition.
• 22% of those that have experienced suicidal feelings or have self-harmed do so more than once a week due to their migraine/headache condition.
• 65% of respondents answered that they have experienced depression linked to their migraines and/or headaches.
• 1 in 8 people who do experience depression due to their migraine and/or headaches feel this way every day.
• 48% have experienced loneliness linked to their migraines and/or headaches.
• 1 in 8 people who do experience loneliness and/or isolation feel this way every day because of their migraine/headache condition.

The survey was carried out to help highlight and understand the issues of migraine sufferers and their mental health. The research was anonymous and was conducted by the National Migraine Centre over a two-month period from April – May 2019.

Dr Katy Munro of the National Migraine Centre says: “The impact of migraine especially chronic migraine, leads to patients struggling through the days and this frequently causes them problems of depression and also anxiety. As our survey also highlights loneliness and isolation features strongly and some sufferers even feel suicidal. We recognise the impact on their families and friends too, as they try to support migraine sufferers through their disabling and debilitating attacks. We hope to raise awareness of this aspect of migraine throughout Migraine Awareness Week.”

More than 23% of people suffer from migraines in the UK, according to The Work Foundation report ‘Society’s headache’. Migraine can cause not only head pain, but nausea, vomiting, dizziness, visual disturbances, loss of speech, vertigo, confusion, and sensitivity to light, smells, movement, sounds and touch.

David Bloomfield, CEO of the National Migraine Centre, explains: “It is heart breaking to regularly meet people at our Centre, especially young people, who are already becoming social outcasts, losing friends and struggling with their education or career. These shocking figures from our survey serve as a timely reminder that much work remains to be done before migraine and its affect on a person’s mental wellbeing is fully understood.”

Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Mind, the mental health charity, said:
“Mental health and physical health problems are often related but too often they are treated separately. Living with migraines, especially if you are regularly in pain, can take its toll on a person’s mental health, and it is understandable that being diagnosed and living with them will have an impact on someone’s mental wellbeing.

“Health professionals should treat each person as a whole and, if supporting someone with a health problem like migraines, offer support for their mental health as well. Starting the conversation means that the person is more likely to recognise the impact of their condition on their mental wellbeing and seek help if they need it.

“If you’re worried about your mental health, it’s worth talking to someone you trust, such as a close friend or family member. You should also talk to your GP about the treatment that might be available. Appointments are short, but it’s important that you and your doctor talk about your health as a whole – treating mental and physical health together will help us to get the support we need to stay well.

“It can be daunting having a conversation about your feelings with your GP. Our ‘Find the Words’ guide has tips on how to prepare beforehand – see www.mind.org.uk/findthewords or call our Infoline on 0300 123 3393 for more information about your physical and mental health.”

Other key findings identified in the National Migraine Centre’s first migraine and mental health survey:
• 85% of respondents experienced fatigue linked to their migraine/ headache condition.
• 73% of respondents experienced mood changes linked to their migraine/ headache condition.
For help and further information, call the National Migraine Centre on 020 7251 3322 or visit www.nationalmigrainecentre.org.uk.


MEDIA ENQUIRIES: contact Charlotte Burr or Swati Raina on Tel: 020 7251 7806. Email: charlotte.burr@nationalmigrainecentre.org.uk. Headache Specialist Doctors and David Bloomfield, CEO of the National Migraine Centre, are available for interviews. Patient case studies are also available for interviews.

Notes to editors:
• National Migraine Centre is the only national charity that provides treatment for migraine and headache sufferers. It was founded in 1980 by two neurologists and has treated more than 60,000 patients. In addition to this the National Migraine Centre is committed to advocating their cause and educating healthcare professionals. Migraine sufferers can self-refer to see a headache specialist doctor at the centre. Visit our website: www.nationalmigrainecentre.org.uk
• A Canadian study found that people with migraines were 77% more likely to have attempted suicide in comparison to those without migraines (Esme Fuller-Thomson and Gwyneth A. Hodgins: Archives of Suicide Research 2019).
• Findings have shown that there is a ‘bidirectional relationship between migraine and depression, with one disorder increasing the risk for the other and vice versa, suggesting shared biological mechanisms’ (Yang, Ligthart, Terwindt, Boomsma, Rodriguez-Acevedo, Nyholt, Genetic epidemiology of migraine and depression, 2016).
• A total of 1,734 people participated in the national patient survey.
• 89% of respondents were female and the remaining 11% male.
• 50% of respondents suffers from episodic migraine (0-14 pain days in a month), 39% have chronic migraine (more than 15 pain days in a month), 11% had other headache types.
• 27% of respondents were aged 45-54, 23% were aged 55- 64, 21% were aged 35-44, 13% were aged 25-34, 12% were aged 65+, 3% were aged 18-24 and the remaining 1% were under 18.

Six tips to help manage migraines and mental health:
1. Mindfulness- there is good evidence that mindfulness can be useful in the pain phase of migraine as well as helping to manage anxiety and depression. Guided apps can be used like ‘Calm’ or ‘Breathing Zone’.
2. Exercise- exercise can be good for anxiety and depression and can help migraine. Exercise has been shown to be more beneficial in mild to moderate anxiety and depression than antidepressants, but it can also be beneficial for migraine management too. Light cardio exercise kicks in endorphins, improves the neurochemical balance in your brain and prevents a stress ‘let down’ headache after a busy day. Ensure you have drunk enough water and eaten at least an hour before to avoid triggering an attack.
3. Expressive writing- there is good evidence that expressive writing can be used for chronic pain. On three consecutive days a week sit down and write whatever comes into your head for 30 minutes and then throw it away without reading it.
4. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)- if migraine is causing anxiety or depression, CBT can provide methods of coping with both the migraine symptoms and the symptoms of concurrent mental health issues.
5. Sleep- good quality and sufficient quantity of sleep are vital for maintaining good mental health. Sleep routine is particularly important for migraine- shifts of up to an hour either way can trigger attacks. Avoiding using electronic equipment, at least an hour before bed can help with sleep quality.
6. Caffeine- too much caffeine can trigger migraine and also worsens any anxiety symptoms people have. If migraine and anxiety are problems, think about going caffeine free.

Download full press release here.


Edit 17/9/19:

Thanks to funds from The National Lottery Community Fund over the next 12 months we will be looking at improving migraine and mental health.