Heads Up Podcast 23 July 2019

Our Headache Specialists discuss everything migraine and headache related in our new podcast, Heads Up. This podcast is set up to help give support and advice to those suffering with this largely misunderstood condition. Throughout this podcast you will hear from guest speakers and experts in the medical field, as well as from migraineurs themselves […]

10 Miles For Migraine 20 June 2019

On Friday 5th July 2019 four members of our team will be walking 10 miles in London, from High Barnet to the Centre (Holland Park) to raise funds to help those suffering from migraine and headaches. Show us your support by helping us raise £100 for every mile we walk for migraine, totalling £1,000. Those […]

Abdominal Migraines – A tummy monster! 31 May 2019

Article by Dr Katy Munro What is an abdominal migraine? Mostly common in children, abdominal migraine are episodic abdominal pains with various other migraine features. The child might complain of severe abdominal pains without any headache symptoms. This condition is largely misunderstood and under diagnosed due to lack of information and awareness. This condition is […]