Katy’s Migraine Story 08 May 2021

  I’ve been living with chronic migraine for over 7 years now and for the last few years, this has involved being in significant, daily pain. The easiest way I can explain the pain to people who aren’t migraine sufferers is that it’s like waking up every day with the worst hangover you’ve ever had […]

Gillian’s Migraine Story 03 March 2021

‘When you tell people that you suffer from migraines there is normally one of two reactions. Fellow sufferers will empathise and understand; non-sufferers are normally kind and well-meaning, but have no understanding of the severity of the impact that this condition can have on daily life.’   My migraines started soon after I suffered a […]

Hormones and Migraine 03 March 2021

The World Health Organisation has identified migraine as one of the top 10 causes of years lost due to disability (1), showing the incredible impact this debilitating condition can have on many individuals – both male and female, old and young. However, migraine has been identified to affect three times as many women as men. […]