Art Work For Sale- 50% will be donated to the National Migraine Centre 31 May 2019

For those that haven’t been to the Centre recently we have a permanent display of 8 stunning paintings by the artist Martin Rolt. Martin is a fellow migraine sufferer who was treated by one of our doctors to manage his chronic condition and he has very kindly agreed that 50% of any sales at the Centre […]

Migraine, Sleep and Snoring – Dr Nazeli Manukyan 18 April 2019

As headache specialists we frequently see patients with sleep disorders. We aim to educate migraine sufferers about the importance of sleep routine. We know that migraineurs are sensitive to changes in the brain’s biological clock which controls sleep and wakefulness cycle. Migraine can be triggered by too much or too little sleep. But sleep can […]

Chocolate: friend or foe? By Dr Nazeli Manukyan 18 April 2019

It’s Easter!  the time for chocolate Easter eggs.. but are you afraid that might trigger a migraine?   A link between cocoa products and migraine headaches will be familiar to many migraine sufferers. It has also been the subject of scientific investigation as far back as 1974. There must be worse ways to contribute to […]