Manage your migraine symptoms through nutrition 17 September 2019

Understand how through a Nutrition and Cookery Workshop   What you eat may affect your migraine symptoms, though it can be difficult knowing the best foods to eat and those to avoid. A dedicated Nutrition and Cookery Workshop in west London is designed to support you in managing your symptoms of migraine. Registered Nutritional Therapist […]

Seven Tips to Help Manage Migraines and Mental Health 01 September 2019

                  Mindfulness– there is good evidence that mindfulness can be useful in the pain phase of migraine as well as helping to manage anxiety and depression. Guided apps can be used like ‘Calm’ or ‘Breathing Zone’.   Exercise– exercise can be good for anxiety and depression and […]

Mind Matters In Migraine 01 September 2019

  PRESS RELEASE   NEW SURVEY REVEALS ALMOST 1 IN 4 PEOPLE HAVE EXPERIENCED SUICIDAL FEELINGS OR HAVE SELF HARMED LINKED TO THEIR MIGRAINE/HEADACHE CONDITION     London, 12 August, 2019: Migraines/ headache conditions may have a direct impact on a person’s mental health. 84% of migraine sufferers say that their migraines affect their mental […]