World Mental Health Day- Andrew’s Story 10 October 2018

I went to a different college than most of my secondary school friends. That’s when I started getting migraines. Joining a college was quite stressful and migraines made it worse. Simple things like trying to make new friends, socialising and/or just fitting in was almost impossible as I would be taking days off because of […]

Are migraines… 28 September 2018

Watch Professor Booton answer Google’s most asked questions on migraine. Click here to book a consultation with a headache specialist doctor. Click here to find out more about us.

Headache Specialist Vacancy 18 September 2018

Are you interested in developing a special interest?   Would you like to have up to 40 minutes to spend with your patients?     We are keen to engage with acknowledged headache specialists or those GPs wishing to become a headache specialist. The National Migraine Centre is an internationally renowned medical charity for the […]