Special Saturday Clinics 07 May 2020

We are holding a special Saturday clinic on 16th May 2020 for those of you that are working tirelessly through the week and do not have the time to make an appointment during our regular working hours. These appointments will be on a private basis and the costs can be found below.  If you would […]

Top 5 Migraine Self-care Tips During Covid-19 Lockdown 30 April 2020

By Dr Nazeli Manukyan We are all facing challenging times with uncertainty and disruption in our daily routine and work pattern. We are confronted with an overflow of information, financial pressures, health anxieties and increasing stress. Our recent poll on the effect of the lockdown on migraines showed that 25% of participants found it helped […]

Emergency Appeal- We Need Your Help 05 April 2020

This is an urgent message on behalf of the National Migraine Centre. The National Migraine Centre is a small charity that offers a unique service to headache sufferers providing both clinical expertise and education.  We understand that the next few months will be difficult for everyone, but as a small charity the National Migraine Centre will be […]