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Hello and Happy Christmas to Everyone!!

27 November 2018

It has been a hectic year but we have survived. I would like to thank  a truly wonderful group of volunteers, trustees, doctors, the office team for an outstanding effort and of course all our patients who have helped us in a myriad of ways.

We are not content!


At NMC we see people from all walks of lives and many have been suffering for years before they actually found us.

There is still so much to be done and we need to up our game to be able to help the millions who are suffering headaches unnecessarily.

We have recruited a brilliant consultant neurologist, Dr Sarah Miller and are recruiting more GP specialists. We want to increase the range of services we offer and to find new ways of engaging with patients.

We need to up our fundraising and have secured a place on the BIG GIVE scheme.

Please donate!

Through out the week your donations will be matched. One donation will have twice the impact.

We need £8,000 as a minimum. The only fly in the ointment, you must contribute in a short period of time (the challenge starts from 12pm 27th November – 12pm 4th December) and through The BIG Give portal.


We passed our Care Quality Commission inspection in the summer. The CQC inspection team  were themselves being inspected and  consequently they were extraordinarily thorough. I did not help the cause by kicking the inspector! Fortunately this was not held against us and by way of explanation I was suffering gout at the time and my movement was difficult and restricted.

Migraine Awareness Week was the most successful ever and several of our doctors appeared on TV and radio. Next year will be even better.

I try to greet as many patients as I can and appreciate your comments. I have been gathering a list of people to contact after the successful beta test of our Corporate Package. You will be hearing from me.

Best wishes to everyone.

Chief Executive