You can contact us here:

The National Migraine Centre is located in London at:

1st Floor Citibase

Millbank Tower,

21-24 Millbank,

London SW1P 4QP

We are a 10-minute walk from Victoria tube station. Details about how to get to the Clinic are available on our website at the contact us page.

Call us: 020 7251 3322

Email :


Who are we?

* We are a charity not a private clinic accepting patients of all ages from the UK and abroad. We receive no funding from the NHS for the work we do

*Due to Covid-19 we are currently providing only remote consultations both over phone and video.

* We provide appointments with headache specialist doctors for headache sufferers who can refer themselves

* We report on our full assessment, diagnosis and personalised management plans which are given to the patient and GP

* We provide education about headache and migraine diagnosis and management for all healthcare professionals

* We actively engage with media and government on headache issues

* We are involved in headache related research


Why should you refer your patients to us ?

Many GPs and other doctors find migraine/headache a common and difficult problem to manage and we aim to support practitioners to diagnose and manage their patient.

We can:

*See patients considerably more quickly than the NHS, and your patient will be seen by a doctor with a specialist interest in headache (not necessarily the case in NHS neurology clinics).

*Give a confident clinical diagnosis

*Advise on any investigations or other steps required (brain scans are not usually required or recommended, occasional basic blood tests may be useful, esoteric tests almost never)

*Recommend an evidence based package of care

*Support and monitor patient progress during treatment.

*Our patients feedback is phenomenal.


How to refer your patients to us:

We welcome referrals from all healthcare professionals including GP’s, Occupational Health, Neurologists, ENT specialists or practice nurses.

We receive no funding from the NHS, therefore patients are requested to make a voluntary donation to help us cover the cost of the appointment.

Patients can also self-refer. They can complete our on-line booking form  or call us on 020 7251 3322 to book an appointment.

Whatever the referral route, we work closely with the patient’s GP and send assessments and recommendations following each appointment (although we respect that occasional patients do not want information shared with their doctor).


What do we charge ?

We are a medical charity and receive no funding from the NHS for the work we do.

Therefore we rely substantially on patients donating to cover the cost of their consultation. We would appreciate if you could make your patients aware of this when you refer them to us.

We understand and do our best to accommodate patients with financial difficulties but don’t have a lot of financial resources for Pro Bono work.

We do charge a missed appointment fee to reduce wasted appointment slots.


We are different!

We are the only charity in the UK that treats migraine and all primary headache disorders.

Patients coming to the clinic are assessed over a 40 minute appointment as a result of which a diagnosis is given and recommendations made for treatment.

We practice orthodox and evidence based medicine. We do not offer “ alternative” remedies except insofar as an evidence base exists for any of them (so for instance we might recommend magnesium salts and vitamin B2 for prevention, but would not recommend homeopathy). Each patient and their GP receive a letter detailing our findings and recommendations sent out within a few days of their consultation.

We advise patients to discuss the results of this assessment with their GP and ask the GP to prescribe advised medications. Occasionally we may give the patient a private prescription (as a charity we cannot offer NHS prescriptions) if there is an urgent need to start medication.

If the GP has any concerns or questions over what is being proposed, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss management issues (via phone or email usually) between the GP and the specialist who has seen the patient. This might include discussions of medication: quite a number of medications commonly used in migraine treatment are unlicensed for this purpose, and we are happy to support colleagues in their decision-making.

Patients may self-refer or be referred to the centre. In either case it is helpful (though not essential) to have a brief referral letter from the GP summarising the issues. Perhaps most importantly a list of current and past medications and dosages helps us make recommendations for effective treatment in the full knowledge of what has already been tried.

Our headache specialists are mainly GPs or Neurologists, all with a headache sub-speciality and training. Details on individual doctors are listed here.

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