We are a charity of nearly 40 years standing. We are based in West London and are inspected and approved by the Care Quality Commission. A team of superb GMC registered specialist headache doctors are led by the eminent consultant neurologist, Dr Sarah Miller.

Our educational programme is led by an Emeritus Professor of General Practice, Dr Paul Booton and seeks to provide educational support for the +40,000 GPs across the UK and to support young people in education.

We are very patient focused, routinely 98-99% of patients are likely or very likely to recommend us.


 “I have been to multiple doctors in the UK and abroad and this is the first time someone has made a constructive diagnosis. Very impressed with the professionalism and pro-active attitude displayed in and out of the Centre.” -Mandy, 37


Our corporate programme provides a very effective means to reach more migraineurs and the income generated helps to drive our educational programme.

We are independent of the NHS and receive no public funding. We are funded by our patients, through philanthropic grants and the fundraising activities of supporters.

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