Migraine Corporate Well-Being Package


Morally, legally and through simple self-interest employers have a duty to look after their staff. Staff that are well-looked after are likely to be healthy, contented, committed and flourishing and their employer is likely to be successful. Sick, distressed demotivated and disengaged staff are likely to be prevalent in failing organisations.

Migraine is one of many hidden or non-visible conditions and whilst employers cannot be expected to be expert in every condition they should be aware of the general principles of coping with staff with such conditions. 

Migraine is very prevalent  which is why it is so important for occupational health, HR and senior managers to have some knowledge and understanding of the condition. There are many types of migraine and what might be helpful for one sufferer may be of little benefit for another. Expert advice is required to distinguish between these migraine types and to suggest preventative measures.

Making reasonable adjustments is a nuanced subject. The precise barriers to work must be identified and our experts can help.

The NMC Well-Being Corporate Package

We have created a range of interventions designed to support migraineurs and improve staff well-being. We recognise every organisation is unique and is likely to be at a different point in terms of their well-being journey. Our suite of interventions allow us to design bespoke packages to maximise impact irrespective of an enterprise’s well-being state:

For simplicity, we have grouped these interventions into GOLD SILVER AND BRONZE packages, all still require some level of customisation.

We can work with your private insurers or healthcare providers to deliver these options. The scope and complexity of each element is tailored to satisfy the requirements of each client.

Prices depend on the size of the prospect organisation and the level of customisation required.


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