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Christmas Appeal #BringBackTheSparkle …

30 November 2020

Help us bring back the sparkle for kids with migraine this Christmas…



2020 has been a year of huge stress for us all and not least kids who have had school and family life greatly changed by the pandemic. Many of our young patients have felt the impact of all these changes on their migraine.

We have seen a surge in demand for appointments for kids and adolescents but sadly also it’s been much harder for us as a charity to generate vital funds to keep us open.

We are desperate to increase awareness of migraine in children so that by recognising it, much more effective help can be given to support them, reduce their pain and let them enjoy life again.

Our campaign this Christmas is to raise funds to support this work. We’d like to expand our services to support these young people and help them get their sparkle back.

This Christmas we want your help to raise vital funds to treat and support children who suffer with migraine.









Migraine is common in children but a shocking number of children never get a diagnosis of their troublesome headache and tummy aches. Many adults with migraine whom we see at the National Migraine Centre suddenly realise that they started having symptoms as a child but nobody realised!

So many people still don’t realize that kids get migraine too!


You funds will help us 

  • Employ a dedicated child specialist clinician.
  • Develop more child-friendly information on our website.
  • Campaign to raise awareness in schools so that they can better support kids with migraine.




Please, please give generously.

We hear some heart-breaking stories from families who have to watch their kids suffering in pain.

The relief on a child’s face when we tell them they are not alone, we understand, and we’ll do our very best to help them is why we at the National Migraine Centre are imploring you to help us help more children get back their sparkle!