Patients with healthcare cover kindly let one of our team members know before the appointment. Not all insurance firms cover our services and we are working towards improving that. Therefore kindly let us know beforehand. 

You will need to have sought a referral to the National Migraine Centre from your GP and an authorisation code from the insurer prior to your consultation (see details below). Please inform reception when you book your consultation if you wish to be seen privately.

We encourage anyone with cover to please use it, as the income gained from private patients is what keeps the charity afloat. Unlike seeing a neurologist in a private practice, where your fees go directly into the Consultant’s pocket, coming to National Migraine Centre will mean that you are helping other migraine sufferers to receive our support. Not only that, you will be seeing some of the world’s leading migraine and headache experts.

If you have private healthcare insurance or you wish to come to the centre for the purpose of getting prescribed an electrical device you will be treated as a private patient and will need to pay the fees of £300 (initial consultation) or £200 (follow-up) upfront on the day of your consultation.

Health Insurance referral process:

  1. Visit your GP for a referral to the National Migraine Centre. Please click here to find some useful information which you can share with your GP about the National Migraine Centre and the referral process
  2. Contact your health insurer to gain an authorisation code for this referral
  3. Contact us to book an appointment
  4. Attend consultation
  5. Pay for your consultation on the day but collect a receipt to send to your insurance company to be reimbursed