The National Migraine Centre is a charity and we receive no NHS or government funding and are therefore completely reliant on patient donations to continue our service. If you have private health insurance you will not be asked for a donation as fixed fees will apply. See the Health Insurance page for more information.

What it costs us to treat you

It costs us £300 to deliver your first in-depth consultation and a follow-up costs us £200. We ask for a voluntary donation towards this cost.

If you are a UK taxpayer the charity can claim gift aid of 25% from the government for any donations you make.  Thus a £240 donation will cover the cost of your first appointment as we can claim £60 gift aid from HMRC and £160 will cover a follow-up as we can claim £40.  Enabling us to make up the full expense of your appointment at a reduced cost to you.

We work hard to subsidise these costs with research and fundraising. It is important to value your health and its impact on those close to you. When you consider missed days of work and social activity, making a donation for our world-class expertise is a small price to pay for getting your life back.

Our outcomes show a huge improvement in quality of life after visiting the Centre and 99% of our patients would recommend our services to their family and friends.  Listen to their thoughts here.

The majority of patients come just twice before they are able to manage their headaches effectively, but you are welcome to come back at any time for a review as with some complex cases it takes longer to find the best treatment plan.

Making your donation

Most patients make their voluntary donation by calling reception following their appointment by cash or card. Or you can donate via JustGiving .  We are flexible with the ways in which you can voluntarily fund your care and if it is easier to spread the cost and  give a smaller amount monthly you can set up a direct debit online.

In exceptional cases of financial hardship, we accept that you may not be able to give the recommended donation. We do not want this to stop you coming to be treated.

Patients coming to us privately:

For more information about private healthcare referral, please click here.

Patients from overseas:

If you are visiting us for a consultation from overseas you will need to pay the fees of £300 (initial consultation) or £200 (follow-up) upfront on the day of your appointment.

Additional fees:

Occasionally doctors recommend procedures such as Botox or Nerve Blocks to be carried out during a consultation.  As the clinic incurs a fixed cost for these treatments, you will be charged an additional fee if you choose to go ahead.

Consultation & Botox injections: £650

Consultation & Occipital Nerve Block: £400

Anti-CGRP injections via the National Migraine Centre

As we are a charity and these are expensive medications, we do charge for the consultation for these. The current costs are as follows:
Initial Consultation: £200
Follow Up consultation: £100

The cost of the injections are paid directly to the pharmacy and not the National Migraine Centre.  The cost for the injections are:


Price per injection: £299

Offer: 3 month’s supply for £675


Price per injection: £307.97

Offer: 3 month’s supply for £695.25


Price per injection: £386.50

Offer: 3 injections for the price of 2 (so the cost per injection is therefore £257.67)

*Please note there may be a pharmacy administration fee not included in the above prices.