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Aimovig Success Story

30 January 2019

Aimovig® (Erenumab) was licensed to be used in the UK last year in August 2018. It is a monthly self-injector drug that targets the calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor(CGRP) which plays a key role in migraine.

Since it’s launch there has been a lot of interest amongst migraine sufferers for the drug.  A number of migraine sufferers  have tried it privately in the UK.  We have been talking to our patients who we prescribed Aimovig® to. They have shared their experiences with us. One such story has been shared in this article.

Naomi, one of our patient from Northampton has been using Aimovig® for the last 4 months and this is her Aimovig® Success Story.




A bit about myself…

I am a business manager for one of the largest acquiring banks in the world, so that keeps me pretty busy. I live in Northampton.  Outside of work I love to travel with my husband and step son. Although their favourites seem to be the cities where all the top football stadiums are.

We are quite an active family so happy to be climbing the mountains, although I’m just as happy on a beach somewhere sunny.

Of course all of these things are underlined by will I be able to spend the whole time migraine free!

Most of the time I will miss a day or two sat in the hotel due to chronic migraine.


My migraine journey so far..


I was diagnosed with migraine when I was 14. Having realised now that children can get ‘stomach’ migraines, I suspect I was getting migraines from a far earlier age.

All through these years I have tried various medications  like propranolol, topiramate and even sumatriptan, none have helped. I have tried BOTOX® but that wasn’t effective either.


Impact of migraines on my life..


Considering our busy lives I have somehow managed to keep going and managed to live with chronic migraine as best I can. Managing chronic pain whilst still maintaining a family life and holding down a full time career has been tough.

However, regular severe migraines have meant several days a month I am not able to function at all. I would spend days in a dark room. The impact it has on your mental well being is huge. It makes you feel useless from having to have yet another day off work.  The awkwardness of cancelling  social engagements or just generally feeling like I am letting people down.

Also because of the stigma that comes with migraine from people who aren’t aware or understand how debilitating it is I just feel like a let down, that coupled with being in chronic pain isn’t fun.


My Aimovig® journey…


After having exhausted all available treatments along with homeopathic treatments I was left feeling very low, wondering how long you can continue to manage on a day to day basis whilst in constant pain.

Then last year I started to see lots of coverage on different media outlets regarding a new way of treating migraine.

This caught my attention straight away and knowing my GP, like many, doesn’t specialise in this area I reached out to the National Migraine Centre who are a charity based clinic that rely on donations.

I met with one of the doctors there and they recommended I try Aimovig®. I started at 70mg dose, which almost the same day I felt some relief and the minor headaches were gone.

However the severe migraines were still there just a reduced pain.

With the recommendation of the National Migraine Centre I increased to 140mg dose. This dose has worked for me and it is not an exaggeration to say it’s been life changing.

I am no longer in daily pain, I can make arrangements without feeling anxious I will cancel, I do not dread the call to work to advise I will have to take sickness leave and I feel free.

Free from the pain that constantly was dragging me back and allows me to live my life. So far I have had no notable side effects.

Aimovig® is great but the cost means we have to now sacrifice other things so even though life is pain free we are now not able to afford all the things we love to do. To have to spend almost £400 a month on the drug instead of social and family activities as well as budgeting for our day to day life. So it’s bitter sweet.


Aimovig® Update:


National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) earlier this month published a draft guidance regarding  Aimovig® (erenumab). They concluded that they do not recommend Aimovig® for preventing migraine.

If you wish to have a say you can leave a comment on NICE’s website. Please note that you will have to register on their website before being able to comment. The last date is Thursday  31st January 2019.

Here is the link www.nice.org.uk/guidance/indevelopment/gid-ta10302/consultation/html-content-2.

At the National Migraine Centre we are able to prescribe Aimovig® privately. If you are interested call us on 020 7251 3322 or simply Book Online.