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7 Migraine Myths you probably believe (but shouldn’t) by Dr Katy Munro

02 September 2018



My problem can’t be migraine because:-

Myth #1.  No-one in my family has ever had migraine .
Fact: Migraine is a genetic condition but not everyone who has migraine has a clear family history. It may not have been diagnosed in the past or migraines may have been only occasional or mild.


Myth #2. My headache is different every time and migraine is just on one side, isn’t it?
Fact: Migraine can occur as a one-sided headache or all over the head.


Myth #3. Migraine always makes people throw up. I never get sick.
Fact: Not everyone who gets migraine gets nausea or vomiting but some get it severely.


Myth #4. Migraine makes people have to sleep – I can keep going during my headaches.
Fact: Migraine severity is a spectrum with some being very severe and other attacks relatively mild. It varies from person to person too.


Myth #5. My child is only 11 so her headaches can’t be migraine, she’s too young.
Fact: Children can get migraine as young as three. Sometimes they present with tummy ache instead of headache.


Myth #6. I’m 40 and I’ve never had headaches before.
Fact: Some women start getting migraine as they enter their forties and also as hormones begin to change towards the menopause.


Myth #7. I only see flashing lights and zigzags, I never get a headache.
Fact: Migraine aura without headache is a type of migraine with visual disturbances but no headache.

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