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Triptans Availability

31 July 2017

Some of our patients have alerted us to an ongoing problem with difficulties in obtaining their prescribed triptans. We are still awaiting some information, however the information so far is as follows:

Sumitriptan – there was a supply issue a few months ago, this is now resolved and you should not experience any problems.

Zolmitriptan – there are out of stock at the supplier. Full supply expected from the end of August 2017.

Rizatriptan – there is an issue with insufficient supply from the manufacturer (MSD), is only available via AAH (pharmacy supplier) phone number, 0844 561 8899.

We will continue to investigate the Rizatriptan issue together with availablity of Naratriptan, Almotriptan, Eletriptan & Frovatriptan. We will post updates here and message via Twitter, Facebook & Health Unlocked.