As a specialised clinic we have acquired a substantial body of knowledge over the years; knowledge that is constantly evolving. Some of this comes from being a research centre, but most of it comes from the patients we see. Not only do the results of our research feed directly into our clinical care; the information from our patients also feeds directly into our research.

All our medical staff are fully qualified doctors with a specialist interest in migraine and headache, and are registered with the UK’s General Medical Council. Therefore your headaches will never be dismissed as trivial. Our doctors provide expertise on various specialist areas including: neurology, women’s health and ophthalmology. You will be assigned to one specialist who you will usually see at each of your visits. If, for any reason, you would prefer to see a different doctor at a future visit, please let us know.

The Team:

Chief Executive

David Bloomfield joined as Chief Executive in September 2017. Originally a PhD scientist his early career in the electronics industry included senior positions in R&D, Innovation, Sales, Marketing, Quality and Customer Service. He represented UK interests at the EC and the ISO. He has supported not-for-profits as a consultant, volunteer, executive and non-executive director and trustee for 17 years and has worked across the health-social care sector. Currently he is an elected Governor of an NHS Trust and trustee of a small overseas NGO.


To run the Centre we have one office administrator, a Clinical Manager, an Operations Director and several volunteers to whom we are very grateful for all their generous help.

Operations Director – Charlotte Burr

Clinical Manager – Swati Raina

Headache Specialists:

Dr Nazeli Manukyan



Prof Paul Booton

Paul Booton1


Dr Katy Munro



Dr Jessica Briscoe


Board Members:

Mr Howard Morris (Chair)

Mr James Kininmonth (Vice Chair)

Dr David Bloomfield (Non-voting member)

Mr Andrew Easter

Mr Mark Perrow

Mr David Davenport-Firth

Ms Sarah Standing

Ms Ruth Robertson

Dr Bal Athwal

Charity patron:

Francis Rossi, OBE – co-founding lead singer and guitarist in Status Quo. As a migraine sufferer, Francis has lent his support of National Migraine Centre.

‘As a migraine sufferer of 60years I know how debilitating the condition is and how difficult it can be to seek specialist treatment. I urge anyone suffering in silence to come forward and seek help from National Migraine Centre’

Annual Accounts:

National Migraine Centre’s most recent annual accounts can be found here.